Why is start-up time of motor too long (over three seconds) ?

  All the cloth cutting machines start instantly with the supply of electricity. If it takes over 3 seconds to start then following instruments need to be checked for proper functioning:

  • Switch of motor circuitry is properly installed to supply electricity to the machine.

  • Automatic cutting-out switch has lint in it that is restricting electric supply

  • A bad jointing or wear and tear of the Capacitor circuitry should be fixed.

  • Motor wingding should be checked for complete circuitry with the help of omnipotent instrument.

  • A low voltage input can cause slow operation of the cloth cutting machine. Provide standard voltage ration of ±10%

  • A high Oil viscidity can jam the machine parts; our recommended motor oil is No. 30

  • The bulky bracket can also cause stoppage of the cutter.

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